The declaration

We, as networks and organisations committed to the management of international voluntary service projects, recognize sustainability and climate justice among our main priorities. Climate change and nature exploitation are already posing a threat to peace, human rights and wellbeing. We have the will to transform our communities at the local level, and, through networking, at the international level. We strive for a fairer world, one that is more sustainable, more healthy and with better resources and social justice that will lead toward the development of people, communities, their happiness and solidarity. This is the main mission that all international voluntary service organisations have.

We practice these principles concretely in thousands of projects throughout the world, every year, involving volunteers from all over the world in voluntary projects and organizing international campaigns such as Climate4Peace, Vision 2 Action, Tanabata Action or the Sustainability Campaign with its Cook 4 Climate Action.

With these actions and campaigns we intervene in two directions: we concretely work in the maintenance and management of the territories through our local volunteering projects and also raise awareness about the impact of our actions, thus, trying to improve the respect and the use of the natural resources by citizens from all over the world. The International Voluntary Service movement contributes in this way to face and prevent the catastrophes connected to climate change and the use of resources: climate crisis, refugees, diseases, conflicts.

This year a crucial event will take place: the Conference of Parties (COP) in December in Paris, where the international community will try to reach an agreement about Climate Change.

We believe that a common, binding and concrete agreement to stop climate change is needed. The minimum goal, as stated by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations, is to drastically decrease the CO2 global emission to keep the increase of the earth temperature below 2°C. If this limit is reached irreversible change in the global climate will happen with devastating consequences in all parts of the world for environment, societies and economies.

As IVS networks we strongly believe that civil society engagement is as important as international agreements. We therefore commit to reaching the above mentioned objectives by contributing with local projects everywhere around the world supporting grassroot movements and engaging in a variety of initiatives. Especially this year we will connect all our environmental actions and campaigns to the topic of climate change and the urgency of an international agreement.

We ask all the volunteers and organisations as members of an active civil society to speak up and advocate together towards national and international institutions to reach this historical achievement by joining and promoting our actions throughout the year as well as our joint meeting, presenting a common action in Paris this December. We can make a difference and invite you to join. Contact your (local) organisation or voluntary network for support or if you have any questions or suggestions.

(You can download the document IVS against Climate Change here)


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Map of the world with actions

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