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IVS for Climate Justice Don’t just say it! Do it! Volunteering to create a network of knowledge through ecological & sustainable practice.

The two-year project will bring together the non-formal IVS sector and the Technical University of Santa Fe, Argentina to provide two trainings in Sustainable Food Production and Bioconstruction techniques, it includes a formal follow up process (online and offline) to 33 IVS organisations from 28 countries in 5 regions of the world who work in and with local communities.

The project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union will provide an inclusive environment for young people by actively integrating them in local activities, which aim to revalorise traditional and alternative techniques; it will also raise awareness about the negative effects of unsustainable food production and housing and how these contribute to Climate Change.

IVS for Climate Justice will use monitoring and impact measurement tools to follow the process implemented by external experts from the University of Illinois.


Kick off Conference and Open Forum “Just Volunteers: The Transformational Power of International Voluntary Actions for Climate Justice and Freedom of Movement” taking place in UNESCO, Paris – For more information

Workshops on Bioconstruction in June 2018 (Ecuador) and Sustainable Food Production in November 2018 (India);

Follow up actions in and with local communities in 28 countries;

Follow-up system; online and offline learning;

Impact measurement.

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