Join the IVS for Climate Justice Campaign!

Organise a Climate Justice Workcamp!

A simple way for the IVS movement to raise awareness about our work is to showcase the projects we do very well. As such we invite you to choose one of your best practice camps related to environment / sustainability / climate justice / climate change and join this workcamp to the IVS for Climate Justice annual campaign for 2019!


Following on from a strategic planning meeting made with the Global Meeting of IVS networks, for this programme we have defined the following benefits for IVS organisations to join the 2018 campaign:

Uniting our projects

  • under one common banner allows the IVS movement to have a wider audience and therefore greater visibility, giving external stakeholders a clear idea of the work we are doing in the field;
  • gives new possibilities for impact measurement of our actions and to communicate data externally about what we do, thereby increasing our credibility through concrete factual findings;
  • allows volunteers to feel a sense of unity to a worldwide action and to follow the news about the diffèrent projects taking place around the world;
  • promotes shared values and shows solidarity; the campaign allows IVS organisations to learn from one another;
  • benefits the promotion of your activities to your local partners, general public, civil society, UN bodies and other intergovernmental institutions;
  • Provides common promotional tools and communication guidelines and an ‘IVS for Climate Justice’ logo which can be used to label the workcamp.
New_Join the IVS for Climate Justice Programme


Choose your best practice project on  environment / sustainability / climate justice / climate change and sign up HERE

Deadline 1st June Please try to fill in ASAP as CCIVS will be able to promote the workcamps

More news and follow us!  Twitter: @ivs4climate

For more information, please contact the CCIVS Secretariat at

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