The 3rd World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg

The 3rd World Forum for Democracy theme was “From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?”, took place in Strasbourg between 3-5 November. Zhuoling You, Project Assistant of CCIVS, was selected by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) to be part of 217 young delegates from over 100 countries that contributed in the forum.

Four months prior to the event, the youth delegation started the training and discussion based on an online platform, where they practiced new tools, learnt more about human rights issues and exchanged ideas and built up prototypes for a more democratic society. They arrived three days in advance so as to finalise the preparation for the forum, which involved creative workshops, simulations and discussions.

During the Forum, participants actively participated in 21 labs with 4 different focuses: influencing minds, influencing decision-making, influencing policies, influencing institutions.

There were also 6 unconferences, participant-drive workshops with an agenda created by the attendees, among which there was an initiative by the Youth Sector of Council of Europe on co-management, an example that ‘can be adapted and disseminated at local and regional level, to give the opportunity to young people to decide for themselves.’

Zhuoling was in the representative group that exchanged ideas with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, in his office. With the grey t-shirt and blue hat on, two gimmicks of the youth delegation for the Forum, the Secretary General made his closure speech at the hemicycle, a true action to support young people’s engagement in the democratisation.


In addition, Zhuoling also was part of the presentation team to demonstrate the final prototype of democracy jointly created by over 200 young people.

‘Can youth revitalise democracy?”, asked she.

The hemicycle resounded with a loud and affirmative YES.

(Photo credit: Council of Europe)

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Zhuoling You
CCIVS Project Assistant

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