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A stronger CCIVS is being built thanks to the trust and support from all member organisations and external stakeholders, as well as an active and engaged Executive Committee and devoted and passionate staff and volunteers who are responsible for the daily administration and project management in the Secretariat.

In this season, the world sent more young people to work in the Secretariat and explore the IVS.

She, an energetic and intelligent Polish girl; he, an enthusiastic and diligent Croatian boy. The Erasmus Placement programme sent her; the Eurodyssey programme chose him. She worked for CCIVS this summer for three months; he is continuing since autumn for six months. They are Maja and Dino, media and communications assistants. Both have improved their skills in using the design software as they designed the banners, logos and other communication tools for the projects and campaigns.

Learning by doing, a well-known concept in IVS, also fits in the Secretariat.

This winter has not brought snow in our office but two new French Service Civique volunteers. Nelson, who participated in a WHV project in Zambia and participated with ICYE in Ghana, coordinates the WHV campaign while Inès, a graduate finishing her study of International Law in Canada, is in charge of other on-going campaigns such as Contact 2 Participation and Vision 2 Action.

In the meantime, we want to say thank you to Louise, who has just finished her volunteering service as coordinator of WHV campaign, for the excellent work she has contributed to this campaign and for her hard work in supporting the logistics for the organization of the Third International Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO. We send our best wishes for her and may her career fly up high!

Besides managing internal communication and projects, the Secretariat continues seizing opportunities to present in different events in order to increase the visibility of CCIVS and stay closely informed with the trends on the five thematic areas of work.

Our Director Vicky Lovelock and Volunteer Louise Pahisa were actively involved with the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, a working group of NGO partners and the UNESCO Secretariat for the implementation of the Third International Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO.CCIVS proposed non formal education methodology for the activities on the theme “The role of youth in the safeguarding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage” in Sozopol, Bulgaria in late September. Vicky and Louise were joined by Luca Coppola (YAP It) and Ismi Novia (IIWC) who presented their WHV projects.

Ling was among 217 young delegates in the World Forum of Democracy. She presented the prototype of a more democratic society in front of over one thousand participants in the Hemicycle of the Council of Europe (CoE) in Strasbourg, France and was engaged in the talk with Secretary General of CoE on how youth can revitalize democracy.

Matina our President and Vicky took part in the UIA meeting of associations in Ireland bringing together 300 NGOs from across the board. And the President and outgoing General Secretary Oriol Josa also participated in the UNV partnership forum which took place in Bonn at the beginning of October. Both important networking events, raising visibility for the network.

Moreover, the International Conference of NGO took place in UNESCO with the theme of “Re-enchanting the World with the Post 2015 Development Agenda”. Vicky facilitated a session on cultural heritage and Louise supported its implementation. Our General Secretary (YAP IT) and member organisation Subir al Sur took part as speakers. Together with representatives of SCI International, YAP Italy and Concordia, the Secretariat took the occasion to promote IVS and CCIVS network in an open space. One of the most inspirational moments in the conference was when CCIVS represented by its Director was elected to the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee!

One of the original volunteers and later General Secretary of CCIVS, Arthur Gillette dropped by and visited us! We were honoured to have a good chat and interview with him; he shared with us how CCIVS was involved in establishing connections with then socialist countries of Eastern Europe after the Cold War era. The interview will be released online in the CCIVS Radio shortly.



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