New volunteers in CCIVS office!

Two new volunteers of Service Civique have started their new adventure with the CCIVS Secretariat in Paris! Amy from South Korea will help assist in different campaigns and Gabriel from France will work on the communication.

They just participated in the Peace Action Week organised by Solidarites Jeunesses (France) under the Raising Peace Campaign framework. Let’s read what they’ve learnt from this experience:

”Last week there was a Peace Action Week by SJ. Before I went there, I had my doubts that it would be just like any other seminars and be tough for especially people who don’t have knowledge in terms of topics such as human rights, peace or active participation, which was me. However all the activities that we had done actually didn’t require any professional knowledge because all we need to do was just to show our passions and activeness for Peace. Throughout the activities, I realized how many people are striving for achieving Peace of our society and our world. For me it was more than just a normal seminar or workshop since i had an opportunity to take part in a peace action and to be an active citizen as a member of society. Lastly, I would like to thanks all the people who made this great opportunity possible and to show my respect to all the participants’ ardor! Thanks.”

(photos credits: SJ France)


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