PATH Training Villandraut

From the 6th to the 12th of April 2017, the first PATH Capacity Building Training took place in France, in the nice village of Villandraut. It was hosted by the association Adichats, represented by Marie-Georges PAGEL-BROUSSE, which is is a member of REMPART network which was represented by Fabrice DUFFAUD. CCIVS coordinated this training and attended it with Mauro (CCIVS program manager) but also Amy and Hélicia (CCIVS volunteers). Mauro CARTA and Rita ALBUQUERQUE (external consultant) were the two trainers during the entire event.

For this training; participants from European, Arabic and Asian organizations gathered to gain new skills in volunteer management and heritage workcamps. In the future, this training is meant to create multipliers who will continue to implement actions in their local communities and follow up with the young people involved in the Local Awareness Raising Actions.

During these six days, trainers tried to share as many knowledges as possible with theoretical and practical activities. Several experts in heritage and volunteer management attended the training during presentation sessions but also workshops as Teresa NOVOA from Palombar association, Sarah GRANT from Terre de Pierres or also Laura SOULARD from Adichats.

As theoretical sessions, trainers made presentations about tangible and intangible heritage but also about heritage management, legislation and many other topics. As one of the main need of this training is to share non-formal education tools, trainers used lots of games but also many reflection group moments as it was important for participants to share their experiences and to learn more about the activities of each CCIVS member organizations attending this training.

Practical activities represented a big part of this training with two workshop sessions in the castle of Villandraut which allowed participants to discover three different activities: archeology, masonry and stone-cutting. They also had time to visit Budos castle and to discover a specialty from the area : the Bordeaux wine, with a visit of the vineyard and a wine tasting.

The main purpose of this first PATH Capacity Building Training was to contribute to establishing common practices and standards for the participants to reproduce at the organizational and local level the capacity building process and multiply the impact and outreach of the project.
The next training will be hosted by the CCIVS member organization UVDA in Uganda at the end of May 2017.

(Photo Credits:CCIVS)

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