PATH Stakeholders Forum

The Stakeholders Forum was the first activity in the framework of the Partnerships Actions Tools and Heritage project (P.A.T.H.), a 2-year initiative involving 27 partners from Europe, Asia and Africa and focusing on the value and conservation of Cultural Heritage, both tangible and intangible.

Held in Paris between the 6th and 11th of February 2017 and hosted by CCIVS, the meeting provided an opportunity to the representatives of each organization to gather and to discuss about development of the project. During the summer and spring months, each partner of PATH will implement a local action to promote cultural heritage and diversity. A survey, designed by the University of Illinois with the support of the participants of the Stakeholders Forum, will measure the impact that such projects have on the life of the volunteers taking part in the actions.

Highlight of the event was the First CCIVS Partnership Meeting on February the 8th. Stakeholders belonging from different sectors (institutions, NGOs, embassies, UNESCO delegations) had the chance to interact with the participants through a speed-dating session, to learn more about their projects. The Meeting was successful and provided organizations with interesting feedback and suggestions on how to improve communication and sustainable partnership.

The week was focused on preparing participants to the Partnership Meeting and to discuss about impact  measurement, cultural heritage and diversity, strategy to involve stakeholders and CSR.

(Photo credits: CCIVS)

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