Saudi Arabia NGO Youth forum

The Seventh International Forum of NGOs organised by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and UNESCO, in partnership with MiSK foundation, was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 3rd and 4th of May 2017. For the forum, more than 400 NGOs from 70 countries and 2,000 delegates attended from all over the world to discuss about “Youth and Their Social Impact” which was the theme of this forum.


During the two days, it was full of highly inspiring speeches by keynote speakers such as noted philanthropists and public figures in terms of empowering youth and their potential in our society and the world. In addition to the speeches, there were six breakout sessions which made participants share their views and opinions on six different topics. For example, the participants from CCIVS had the chance to talk about our projects and campaigns in Volunteering, Cultural Heritage and Climate Change for Sustainable Development. Rocio, a coordinator of the Subir al Sur organsiation, had the opportunity to be a speaker in the session of “Youth Entrepreneurship and Volunteering” sharing her experience and knowledge with participants.


Since the forum focused on the power of youth, many young activists and leaders from all around the world shared their passion and power as a leader of present and future. From what they have shared at the forum, many of young people and other participants were motivated to promote and to foster the voices of youth and their impact. The forum had been an unforgettable and unprecedented event for all the NGOs and the MiSK Foundation in discussing important global issues and empowering youth.


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