Moringa, Coconut and Banana Trees welcome you in FSL-India Centre for Experiential Living!!

More than twenty organisations from around the world and more than thirty participants were involved in the Sustainable Food Production Training, organised by CCIVS from the 16th to the 25th November 2018 in the CEL (Centre for Experiential Living) and hosted by FSL India in Kundapur.
The training, within the “IVS 4 Climate Justice – Don’t Just Say It! Do It!” project frame, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, aimed to discover different kinds of farming approaches in harmony with nature: permaculture design, soil, water conservation methods, seeds, nursery management, planting patterns and agroforestry were the topics proposed by the trainers Kate Curtis and Govinda Sharma (Hasera), with further inputs by Deepika Kudaji, Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes.

The heterogeneous group had the chance to learn and consolidate its knowledge on the different subjects, through both theory and hands-on sessions, during which the participants could also share the local experience from their country.

The participants, CCIVS’ team and the trainers were supported by the FSL-India training center staff and even though the training was intense and ambitious, the group could take some time to celebrate two birthdays and enjoyed the outdoor sessions!

Furthermore, a piece of news about the training was published on the local newspaper Vijay Karnataka, reporting the interview to the trainers Kate and Govinda and CCIVS’ volunteer Leyla.

At the end of the training, all participants presented a design and action plan to be implemented during a 9-month-follow up period, during which they will share their progress and doubts in online meetings, supported by Kate: CCIVS wishes them and their organisations great success!

Photo credit by CCIVS

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