Webinars on Project Management

EMpowering Youth – Improving Capacity for EuroMed youth projects is a project coordinated by CCIVS and funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union.

The aim of “EMpowering Youth” is to improve the management and coordination skills of youth organisations and young trainers for future EuroMed projects, to develop also innovative online tools to ensure participation and promote volunteering.

The project includes a series of Webinars on Project Management. The first 2 webinars will deliver the basis of project management (project cycle, needs’ analysis, development of the partnership, the definition of aim and objectives, creation of the project timeline, definition of the budget). The third webinar will deal with the practical dimension of NFE projects, such as training, seminars, workcamps (logistics, safety measures, agenda, conflict resolution, intercultural dimension, learning process). The fourth webinar will focus on impact measurement, monitoring, and evaluation (tools to measure the impact on participants, volunteers, the local community; how to monitor, collect, evaluate, present, and communicate project results).

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