Peace Action Week by ELIX

Between 23th and 30th of March 2017, Amy and Anya from CCIVS participated in a Peace Action Week in Athens hosted by ELIX. In this training, young workers and leaders involved in IVS organisations and interested in human rights and peace gathered to build peace and to make the change in our society. This Peace Action Week focused on the rights of Migrants & Refugees and the right to citizenship. The participants had the opportunity to have a reflection on the issues that we face in our daily life and to be an active actor through non-formal education and a street action.


By sharing our opinion and taking part in activities, it enabled the participants to expand their knowledge and to get to know more about the situation of migrants and refugees in our society. With non-formal education activities, we could be able to understand the obstacles and difficulties that migrants and refugees face in their life and the aims of Peace Action Week. During the street action which was one of the most important activities in this training, the participants had the chance to communicate and to interact with people who had different views on our topic, which had a huge impact on participants and encouraged us to take action in our own countries following the Peace Action Week.

(Photo Credits: CCIVS)

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