CCIVS Participated in the BUILDPEACE Workshop 2017

BUILDPEACE Workshop Deconstructing Identities and Belongings took place in Coventry University from 29th of June to 3rd of July.

The workshop gathered 35 participants from 7 organizations (3 universities and 4 non-governmental organizations) to accomplish two objectives: work about identities and belongings and why conflicts with these occur and sharing different teaching methods to develop innovative news ways of learning.

During the 5 days of the workshop, all the organizations prepared two sessions (one workshop and one masterclass) to show which teaching methods they use and to focus in different aspects from identities and belongings. There were a lot of different techniques because the organizations came from formal and non-formal education sectors. The workshop was as well a good space to develop networking with many relevant professionals in the sector.

The representatives of CCIVS organized a workshop called “Rallying for Peace” to show some different activities and actions that can be done during a Peace Action Week. As a masterclass, CCIVS presented a “Moving debate” to show a debating method which encourage all the participants to express their opinion and to listen to the others.

Next workshop will be held next year in Turkey with the objective of building together innovative methods and tools by mixing formal and non-formal education techniques.


Article Credits: Laia CASTELLS & Adeline SERRAND

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