CCIVS in MediAfrica Project

The MediAfrica project started with the first training on ICT and Communication, from the 26th of June to the 1st of July, in Montendre (France). CCIVS was represented in this event by one of our volunteers, Hélicia.

This project aims to improve the perception of Africa and to deconstruct stereotypes through media, in order to empower the communication about IVS projects in Africa and increase the number of volunteers in the region.
This first training organized by Solidarités Jeunesses gathered participants from European and African organizations. They all shared their experiences and opinions through many activities but also learned new skills about creating media content for IVS volunteering.

The first days were meant to deconstruct stereotypes and to discover different kind of medias that can be used to promote IVS in Africa such as podcasts, videos, pictures, etc. At the end of this training, participants were invited to create their own media production about volunteering. Further sessions dealt with social media, participatory video and good promotional practices through the experience of the participants.

The next steps of this project will be a seminar organized in Tanzania, a second training in Kenya and finally the Global Communication Campaign in order to share the IVS WEB-DOC that will be created through a participatory approach.
More information about the MediAfrica project on the blog :

Article: Helicia Nicolas

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