Arthur Gillette – a brief comeback to CCIVS

Last week, the CCIVS Secretariat in Paris, had an honour to host Arthur Gillette, one of the first Directors/Executive Secretaries of the organisation. Arthur was ‘’steering’’ CCIVS affairs together with Glyn Roberts, in a period from 1961 to 1963. This was a very turbulent time in the history of the organisation since it marked the beginnings of the first East-West contacts in the Cold War era. CCIVS was involved in establishing connections with then socialist countries of Eastern Europe, which was an important contribution to the decrease of tensions on both sides of the iron curtain.

The Secretariat used this opportunity to make both a radio and video interview with our former Director. Arthur therefore had a chance to share some vivid stories about problems the organisation was facing at the time as well as the ways it was dealing with the problems that still exist today.

Stay tuned for the interview soon and learn more about the rich history CCIVS takes pride in.



”I am looking forward to the time when the average youngster — and parent or employer — will consider that one or two years of work for the cause of development, either in a far away country or in a depressed area of his own community, is a normal part of one’s education.” – Arthur Gillette, One million volunteers (1968)

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