IVS Carbon Offset for 2018 – NVDA, NICE and CCIVS

Call for an International Voluntary Service Carbon Offset (IVS Carbon Offset) for 2018



Situation of Climate Change and Strength of IVS to stop climate change

It has been so far recognized as one of the most crucial global problems and many people and organizations have been working hard to overcome the situation, but the global carbon emission keeps increasing (21 billion tons in 1990 to 34 billion in 2015 while our planet can absorb only 10 billion in its nature) and the damage is getting more and more serious on landscape, forests and biodiversity, food production and water supply, human security and so on.

We need much further efforts and collaboration among different countries, stakeholders, organizations and people to prevent increase of global temperature within 2 degrees. Innovative, epoch‐making actions and cooperation are needed to have breakthrough to protect our planet future, one of which can be international voluntary service.

IVS Carbon Offset for 2018

Last year, NVDA, NICE and CCIVS took the initiative in launching a new project called IVS Carbon Offset for 2017 (International Voluntary Service Carbon Offset) in cooperation with ALLIANCE, GREAT, CYA and RUCHI. A carbon offset is “a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_offset). We are calling for participants of our very first, historical carbon offset projects from all over the world.

Why should I join IVS Carbon Offset?

  1. Stop climate change!

: Our Green Projects can reduce more emissions to make our planet more sustainable

     2. Support Green Project!

: Our Green Projects can get new income resources to make our movement more sustainable

      3. Green IVS & Your life!

: You can compensate negative impact of your travelling and make your IVS project more sustainable

Who can join IVS Carbon Offset? 

ANYBODY who will travel abroad especially the volunteers join the International Voluntary Service Projects/ Workcamps starting between 2018 March 1st and October 31 are very welcomed to join us!

* In 2017, 12 participants contributed 150 EUR as the pilot practice that will be develoed more this yearJ

How can I join IVS Carbon Offset? 7 Steps!

Step 1. Calculate carbon emission of your flights here.

Step 2. Decide the amount of reduction. 10 EUR can reduce 100 kg of your travelling emission (so, if you pay 50 Eruo, you can reduce 500 kg). The amount can be full or partial of your emission, you can freely decide it (unit of 100 kg).

* 80% of money goes to the project and 20% to Coordination

Step 3. Choose a Green Project to conduct your offset among 7 projects in

Step 4. Register your participation through here and also make payment to your sending NGO. The Coordinator will confirm your registration and payment by e-mail.

Step 5. Reduce emission of your daily life and your IVS project. You can use this and also see here. It may not be easy to figure out the exact amount you will have reduced, but we will send you the guidance! This is not a duty, but a voluntary action as you want.

Step 6. Report your actions and results of Step 5 on SCC Facebook page with some pictures.

Step 7. Receive a report of your Green project and a certificate of “Green Volunteer” and enjoy exchange with other Green Volunteers by the end of December!


To learn how to get involved, you can find more information here: Let’s join! IVS Carbon Offset 2018 and SCC 2018 – Call for Special Volunteers.

We are looking forward to working with you to achieve a colorful and healthy world!

  • KAIZAWA Shinichiro, President of NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchage), Treasurer of NVDA
  • Julie Chao, Secretariat of NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia)
  • Victoria Lovelock, Director of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service)

* For any ideas, questions and comments, don’t hesitate to contact to; KAIZAWA Shinichiro (Kai) nice@nice1.gr.jp

Check out the call here: SCC 2018 – Call for Special Volunteers


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