Bouworde for Climate Justice

Bouworde makes all the volunteers aware of CO2 emission if they are flying to their volunteer project and we give them the possibility to offset the emission cost by buying green seats.

Bouworde are sending volunteers to several ecological projects, for example:
volunteers are building a library in Zanzibar and the toilets of schools in Uganda with waste materials (like bottles, where we use the bottles ass bricks), by this way we want to make people aware of the waste materials and use them as well.
In the Philippines we help building farmers houses and bridges with bamboo and mud and show this way of building to the locals. We want to make them aware of the richness of their own natural sources.
In Ecuador we help providing water in the hills of the Andes. We are building natural water irrigation to the fields of the farmers by using wood.

As an organisation that is involved with the climate, we use at the office only eco-friendly materials and products.

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