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NVDA World Tanabata Call

This year, NVDA have a unique twist to the World Tanabata Action (WTA) with the theme “Your 2030 Sustainable World!”  We ask participants to draw/paint a picture of their goal/ ideal world/environment in the year 2030 in the front of the Tanzaku paper to enter into a Tanzaku Art Contest! Then on the back of the paper, applicant will write their name and email, with possibly a short comment on what action will be taken to reach the goal drawn in their picture. Tanzaku papers will be collected from all applicants and the top 10 drawn Tanzuka paper art will be made into postcards/bookmark and given as prize to the winning artists! The papers will be displayed in the Asian Volunteering Summit from Oct. 6th! Please read for more information in our attached promotional flyer HERE, which you can also use to promote in your country!

Stop Climate Change

Continuing from the wonderful Stop Climate Change (SCC) project from last year, NVDA had kick off the SCC project again this year with a recent Preparation Meeting in Japan! This year, the projects are located in 4 countries (Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan). Through the meeting, coordinators and camp leaders of the four countries learn and brainstorm together about carbon offsets and how to make their IVS project more sustainable!


NVDA will organise the Asian Volunteering Summit in Cebu, Philippines from October 6-9th, where we will be also celebrating our 20th Anniversary! The 8th Global LMTV Meeting will also be held in the same venue from October 8-11th.

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