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Asia Pasific Regional Training

Dejavato as ICYE Indonesia was hosting The ICYE Asia-Pasific Regional Training in Bali, Indonesia on 12-18 November 2018


The meeting was attended by ICYE National Commitees from Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines, New Zealand, South Korea and ICYE International Office (Germany).



EU Volunteer Aid (EVA) Meeting

EU Volunteer Aid (EVA) Meeting has been finished in Bali on 3rd-7th December 2018. We are discussing about some documents we prepared for the next EU Aid Volunteer. We also get support from Adice-Center d’information Europe Direct Roubaix and Swiss-Belexpress Kuta.


Our volunteers Joana and Breanna spoke up about the important to reduce, reuse and recycle garbage. They spoke in Seminar at Universitas Semarang.
The seminar was very interesting!

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