Conference on Volunteering

Under the theme of ‘Preventing Violent Extremism and Strengthening Social Inclusion’, the 2nd International Conference on Youth Volunteering & Dialogue took place 25-27 September 2017 in UNESCO Paris, France.
Together with a hundred young people from around the world, Javier Larios (active volunteer of the IVS) and Zhuoling You (programme coordinator of the CCIVS) were invited to join in this Conference which sought to highlight the power of youth volunteering for addressing global challenges and offered a platform to connect with and influence the broader global agenda on peace and development.
The Conference proposed different Techniques Workshops and Thematic Workshops which enabled the participants to get inspired by successful projects and to share their local realities and exchange good practices. The young participants were formed into working groups to tackle social challenges through a global youth volunteering movement. As representatives of their working groups, Javier and Zhuoling presented concrete actions on cultural heritage and migration topics respectively during the closing ceremony.
(photo credits: UNESCO)

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