CCIVS EC, Global Meeting of IVS Organisations and the Alliance GA

November started with a very intense set of meetings taking place in Athens and hosted by ELIX. First of all the CCIVS Executive Committee flew in from India, Korea, Nigeria, France, Hungary and Argentina and met for the 2nd EC meeting of the year during three days. It was an important moment to work together with the CCIVS Director to go through the work of the Secretariat, members issues, finances, projects etc and to strategically plan for the future. Many innovative ideas came out from the meeting and in time for our 70th year! They will be taken forward to future CCIVS events such CCIVS Day in March 2018 and the CCIVS GC and GA taking place in November 2018.
The Global Meeting for IVS organisations followed on from CCIVS day, an important event uniting representatives from the SCI, CCIVS, The Alliance of European Voluntary Service organisations, the focal points for Americas and Africa and the West African Voluntary Network Association and NVDA. The meeting of the networks allows for updates, work on common campaigns, information sharing about external representation and planning for the greater cooperation of our networks in order to work together as a united IVS movement.
The CCIVS President and Director were then invited to attend the Alliance GA, it provided an important insight into the work of our sister network and also gave the opportunity to meet with many of the CCIVS members who also make part of the Alliance.
(photo credit: CCIVS)

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