Frame(v)work Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting for the Frame[v]work project took place from 20th to 25th of November in Creative Space (Holloko, Hungary). Egyesek Youth Association hosted representatives from different networks and regions. Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, Service Civil International, Network for Voluntary Development in Asia, IBO and Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service participated in the meeting, which featured also the presence of the representatives from the organisations who are going to host the following “laboratories”: GREAT Indonesia, ACI Costa Rica and Zimbabwe Workcamps Association (Fundación Ses from Argentina took part in the meeting as a representative for the American region).

During the four working days, the representatives of the different networks and organisations discussed about their realities concerning the volunteer exchange, and designed the structure of the 4 regional laboratories that will take place in 2020 to improve the IVS volunteers exchange. In the introductory part of the meeting, participant analysed the development of the volunteer exchange occurred in the last 20 years and discussed about related issues (such as volunteers’ motivation to join projects, needs and resources of the networks). From this background, the participants identified topics to discuss during the laboratories, created a first structure of the new exchange guidelines and proposed a common “strapline” to enhance IVS visibility.

The meeting was facilitated by Mauro Carta, Coordinator of the Global Human Rights Week in 2018 and 2019, and Bogdan Imre, with the support of Tamas Mahner from Egyesek.


Since the creation of the International Voluntary Service movement, workcamps have been the most relevant instrument to spread the values of peace, international understanding and solidarity. Currently, IVS movement networks are facing a decreasing number of volunteers sent and received in workcamps. This project intends to find answers to this challenge.

The project “Frame[v]work”, funded by Erasmus+, aims to improve the quality of volunteer exchange within the IVS movement, in order to reinforce the concepts of international voluntarism, active participation and international solidarity. The name refers to the concepts of framework, network and voluntarism: “Frame[v]work” intends to be a capacity-building project to develop a functional, shared framework for international voluntary work and volunteers exchange in the IVS movement.

How does the project continue

After the kick-off meeting, the outcoming results will be discussed in four regional laboratories that will take place during 2020. The first laboratory will take place in Europe and will be followed by meetings in Asia, Africa and America. At the end of the year, and evaluation meeting will gather the final results to create the project outputs.  The project will be closed at the beginning of 2021 with a final training course where the new exchange guidelines, procedures and promotional tools will be presented.

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