T-Kit Project Management

This T-Kit is divided into 4 main chapters moving from general reflections on the value of projects to a very concrete step-by-step development of a project. The four sections can be read independently but are of course interconnected.

  • Chapter 1 is a general reflection on the role of projects in the development of international youth work and the evolution of the value of projects.
  • Chapter 2 provides a clarification of what is understood by ‘project management’ in a youth work context as well as presenting a variety of approaches and models of project development.
  • Chapter 3 proposes a framework to guide the development of youth work projects followed by ‘step-by-step’ explanations. This chapter includes practical advice and concrete suggestions for trainers using project development as a training tool. In order to help you with the transfer to practice, this chapter includes an example of a project applying the step-by-step project development explanations.
  • Chapter 4 presents some thoughts on the European dimension of projects
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