Project Management Methodology Handbook

This 2016 handbook for the Council of Europe Project Management Methodology (PMM) has been produced by the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes (ODGP) in a collaborative process with project management staff. Any suggestions and/or questions relating to the application and interpretation of this handbook should be addressed to ODGP at:

This handbook provides step-by-step instructions and guidance for the project team on how to conduct each phase of the project management cycle through to final evaluation. It provides practical guidance on how co-operation programme results can be achieved in accordance with best practice and from a human rights’ perspective. It is based on the Organisation’s mandate and the need to address shortcomings in a transparent and responsible manner. It aims to contribute to the continuous improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Council of Europe’s action.

The Council of Europe Project Management Methodology brings together different frameworks and tools into an overall project management cycle and further integrates co-operation programmes of the Council of Europe into the framework of the Organisation.

The PMM enables the Council of Europe to:

  • demonstrate its comparative advantage and strengthen the systematic use of standard-setting instruments and monitoring results for co-operation programmes;
  • enable a standardised approach to the delivery of co-operation programmes;
  • systematise the measurement of results and emphasise transparency, accountability, communication and a human rights approach;
  • support the management of the co-operation programmes with corresponding tools.

An interactive website with additional tools and guidance accompaines this handbook:

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