Call for Participants: Earth Advocacy Mentorship Programme

About the project:

The Earth Advocacy Mentorship Programme , 6 month mentorship programme will empower young people, volunteers, activists, CCIVS member organisations and individuals to plan their local actions and become Living Earth Ambassadors. In partnership with the LIFE programme of the European Union and The Living Earth Campaign (LIVE) which is the vehicle that CCIVS will use to continue with the advocacy work for the Soil4Life Manifesto so that it can be taken to regional, local, national and international decision-makers.

Two experts on a) soil ecology, and b) advocacy will mentor the participants in bi-monthly (every 2 weeks) sessions that will empower them to understand soil, ecology and advocacy, and to create and implement local actions, report on their actions and engage local/regional/ national decision-makers. The final aim is to share a common vision and to support young people and activists who speak out and take actions on behalf of Earth by c channeling their energy and enthusiasm to advocate for their own cause and to create an impact.

For the mentorship programme you will need to commit to 2 zoom calls a month for 6 months. Access to a good internet connection is required for the calls. Calls will be recorded in case you miss one, but we ask for a %75 attendance. You will be mentored and supported to create or strengthen your action plan for Earth advocacy or Living Soils. We will share stories, successes and create a network of support while learning together. There will be assignments and some time commitments for peer review and implementing the Earth action. You will have the opportunity to participate and co-create a live webinar and form part of CCIV’s Living Earth campaign that showcases the different actions and promotes Earth Advocacy and Living soils.

You can sign up for the mentorship programme via this form

Meet your mentors:

Kate Curtis

Kate is passionate about living soil, permaculture, ecological-education, ecosystem restoration and nature connection for positive change. She forms part of the team on the CCIVS Living Earth Campaign (formerly CCIVS for Climate Justice) and has broad practical experience restoring soil in diverse climates. She is currently growing a non-profit project in South Africa called Green Hearted which supports community gardens and food sovereignty. She facilitates various permaculture and agroforestry courses, as well as sustainable food production and soil workshops.

Giada Martin

Giada discovered the IVS movement thanks to her life-changing experience in Barcelona, hosted by COCAT after being a scout for more than 15 years. Since 2019, she is involved in the External Affairs and Communications of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and has a wide set of skills in communication and advocacy. Giada works both as a project manager/ trainer and as a fundraiser in the field of international cooperation. Her academic background is in Public and Political Communication, and she holds a Master›s degree in Fundraising.

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