WEF Global Gender Gap Report

World Economic Forum
Type of tool: Report
Topic: Gender
Target Group: IVS organisation staff, IVS organisation board
Use: Introducing an inclusive perspective
Year of Publication: 2016

The report is focusing on national gender gaps on economic, health, education, political effectiveness and provides country profile in order to create concrete comparisons between countries. There are two parts of this report: first part is about the methodologies to measure gender gaps of countries, 2016 results of countries overall and some notable country cases to focus more. Second part of this report consists of country profiles which shows specific weaknesses and strengths of each country’s about gender-based gaps.The indicators are divided into four groups: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival and political empowerment. Global Gender Gap Index in 2016 was calculated for 144 countries. Each country’s profile shows the score (0-to-1) and rank of the country in the list as well as key demographic and economic indicators and details on each of the 14 indicators that are used to build the Global Gender Gap Index. Overall this report is important as an indicator for us to realize how equal men and women are in everyday life, having a detailed look at the most common areas of inequality. It also shows us what to focus on to close the gender gap in the future.

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