Pere Vidal


Pere Vidal is a full time social & environmental activist based near Barcelona (Spain), running since 2002 a permaculture non-profit farm named Can Pipirimosca, and long involved in peace and volunteering movements, workcamps for peace, seed-saving networks, transition town movement, urban gardens and other local community projects. Since he finished university he decided to live non-profit-oriented and devote his time to be the change he wants to see in the world. Besides activism, he’s a computer engineer, musician, actor, shadow theater puppeteer, organic baker,… and has a lot of experience in community, groups and teamwork. Since he connected to Joanna Macy’s “work that reconnects” in 2013, he’s been facilitating deep ecology workshops and through group dynamics, based on gratitude, empathy, compassion and self-awareness, help to raise awareness and consciousness on connecting with nature and caring the planet and all living beings.

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