Partha Varanashi

Partha Varanashi is born and brought to Varanashi Farms a sustainable organic farm. His parents are agriculture scientists who worked on Soil Biology for sustainable organic farming. They were the presenters for multiple IFOAM world organic conferences. Partha grew up on the farm learning about sustainable farming and later went to study for a bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Mangalore University and later a Masters’s in Plant Biotechnology (molecular biology) at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He worked in biological farming companies and Permaculture farms such as the food forests in Australia. Today he runs Varanashi Organic Manure which produces bio fertilizers and organic Manures promoting organic farming around his state of Karnataka in India. He is also a research fellow at Varanashi Development and Research Foundation working on developing a consortium of Beneficial microorganisms for water treatment and degradation of organic matter. He is also partnered with Discover Agriculture to do many videos on sustainable agriculture to educate farmers.

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