Omar Hajji

Omar Hajji is a Regenerative design educator and the founder of Marrakesh Organics, an agro-ecology farm, demonstration site and environmental education centre in Marrakech, Morocco. He has an academic background in philosophy and sustainable development and over 10 years of regenerative design education and farm management experience. Marrakesh Organics is a demonstration site that experiments and implements best sustainability practices pertaining especially to dryland water management, arid climate agriculture, arid climate architecture and alternative energy.

He has traveled to many parts of the globe learning about ecological restoration, design systems and intentional communities and was involved in numerous community empowerment programs notably in the US, Morocco, Senegal, Thailand, Kenya, Tunisia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

Marrakesh Organics

Marrakesh Organics is a Permaculture education farm in the Ourika Valley near Marrakesh. Established in 2014, the farm has been at the forefront of sustainable education and agroecology in Morocco, successfully integrating best practices from around the world by bringing in experts from various fields.

Our work focuses on improving rural populations’ standards of living through ecological literacy and best practices. To this end, our research and experimentation are documenting Arid climate soil regeneration strategies, Food production, water harvesting, drought-tolerant seeds, low-tech tools & machinery, Vernacular architecture with natural building materials, farm economics, food transformation & preservation, renewable energy, waste management among many more topics of interest.

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