Craige Q7 Becket

Although Hip Hop is his first love, Q7 has been extending his time doing remote assistance for Southern African Native communities in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, building relationships with chiefs, leaders & communities of what’s left of the Southern African Natives. He is the founder of IYX Africa, a youth organisation that raises awareness regarding the threats to indigenous Khoe-San communities such as fracking and loss of land. They organised a walk from Knysna to Cape Town with a crew of brave men and women to raise awareness about fracking in the Okavango Delta that threatens the Southern African Native life and biodiversity of sensitive areas in Namibia & Botswana, they also handed over a petition to the Namibian consulate general.  In 2019 they started IYX Radio as an indigenous youth podcast radio station funded by Cultural Survival.   He has been involved with seed saving and sharing in the Lesotho highlands Mohale Dam & Maseru Lesotho for small scale farmers, sharing seed from Malawi the basic African traditional foods seeds and non gmo maize and info on GMO maize and water security as well as medicinal expeditions treating villages remote and too high up the mountains  IYX plans to link Omaheke region Namibia to IYX Africa for youth support and voicing for the voiceless chiefs and leaders of the Omaheke region through their radio station. His recent Save The San walk from Knysna to Wilderness beach and live performance playing mouth bow raised R50K to build an agroecology natural food growing hub gallery and meeting place for !XUN leaders in Platfontien, South Africa.

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