Bibek Dhital

Bibek Dhital is 26 years old and he is based in Nepal. He studied for his master’s in Agriculture Economics. He has been a Permaculture Pracademic working in the promotion of organic farming and sustainable agriculture for 8 years. He is working as a Researcher and Trainer of organic farming at HASERA Agriculture Research and Training Center which is also working with VIN in the promotion of organic farming in different parts of Nepal. The HASERA farm is the first permaculture farm in Nepal that is working in developing local knowledge and practices for local agriculture adaptation through farm-based research. He is also a founder of a Youth-led NGO, Youth for Agri Welfare which is working in empowering agriculture students to be friends of farmers. He mainly works with farmer groups and facilitates farmers’ organic production, certification and marketing. Together with agriculture technicians and experts, they bring Permaculture into the mainstream of agriculture Development. Currently, he works with VIN to assist farmers from Okhaldhunga in soil water conservation, organic farming and organic certification.

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