About us

About us


Soil4Life is a European project that involves Italian, French and Croatian partners, which aims to promote sustainable use of the soil as a strategic, limited and non-renewable resource. A goal in line with the commitment signed by the European countries at the United Nations table, through adherence to the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG.

Co-financed by the European Commission through the Life programme, Soil4Life involves associations and research institutions convinced that the soil must be preserved with concrete actions and policies, supported by analyses and data that allow monitoring of the ecological status. Soil4Life pursues the application of the Voluntary Guidelines for sustainable soil management promoted by FAO, adapting them to national, regional and local contexts, and provides information and support to territorial planning involving the agricultural sector and sector professionals (agronomists, geologists, urban planners and designers). Soil4Life also aims to increase citizens’ awareness of soil protection and to raise awareness among national and EU institutions of the need to adopt adequate regulations to stop soil consumption and prevent its degradation.


The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) is a non-governmental, non-profit making international organisation (INGO) working for the development and coordination of voluntary service worldwide.
CCIVS’ main focus is the quest to achieve change in the minds of men and women by bringing together people of different backgrounds. It supports and develops projects based on the idea that working together on a concrete task is the most effective way of creating international friendship and understanding. The projects serve as a catalyst for dialogue as they provide an opportunity to work together according to each person’s ability and to practice living together. In such situations national and international volunteers experience a new reality that can challenge their habits and convictions as well as those of the local community.

CCIVS was created under the aegis of UNESCO in 1948 and its Secretariat is still in UNESCO House today. It has always worked closely with the UN organisation and complements UNESCO intellectual activity and goals in the fields of Education, Culture, Sciences and Communication through a hands-on, non-formal education approach transforming societies at the grassroots level. CCIVS has actively contributed to programs and campaigns from diverse UN bodies, and was involved in discussions concerning the creation of the United Nations Volunteers. It received in 1987 the title “Messenger of Peace” by UN Secretary General, Perez de Cuellar.

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