Youth IN-Work. Innovation in Youth Work

The Youth IN-Work project was aimed at bringing together youth workers from different European countries to discuss together how to improve the quality of youth work and respond ever more effectively and creatively to the current needs of young people.

It was aimed at gathering ideas to make youth work remains a space where young people of Europe can shape their future, with features of inclusion, participation, welfare, worthy employment, etc. It also aimed to improve cooperation between youth workers from EU countries and promote the international dimension of youth activities.

The Youth IN-Work project gathered in a 4 days meeting 24 youth workers, members of 12 organizations from 12 European countries, different in context, experiences, and methodologies in the field of youth work. Leaded by three facilitators, they did several activities: exchange of good practices, a diagnosis of the new challenges of youth work, action research practical exercises, workshop on creative thinking in project design, analysis and discussions to share guide lines for the innovation and improvement of youth work. They finally designed cooperation projects to strengthen an international network.

This short dossier collects the results of the meeting: a diagnosis of the new challenges of youth work, techniques to stimulate creativity in designing youth projects, examples of good practices, a “suitcase of ideas” and guidelines for the improvement and innovation of youth work in Europe.

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