Czech the Facts: Booklet for youth workers in media literacy


This booklet was created by participants of TC “Czech the Facts Out” which took place in Drahonín, Czech Republic, between 1. -10. 6. 2016

Trying to understand the media and its role in society is a bit like trying to capture fog in a box. The media are everywhere and are completely intertwined with our society, our politics, and our lives. Separating out the media from our own belief systems, attitudes, and perceptions is very difficult. One enduring truth about media, though, is that the greatest power of media is its ability to be anywhere in the world and beyond. As we all have become part of truly global society, we rely on the media to provide us the most vital form of currency in the world today: information.

Program of the project is designed to helped us understand, that we all live in media reality, which is affecting our opinion, our decision
making. This booklet contains information adquired in practical workshops with experts from the field, helping us to orientate in complex media world, feedback and outcomes of the training course.

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