The CCIVS vision defined in the Strategic Plan for 2022-27 recognises that the Sustainable Development Goals are a good framework to show how International Voluntary Service contributes to our planet, however, CCIVS adopts a more radical and holistic approach that acknowledges and integrates our interdependent existence, based on a peaceful, cohabitation model with other species and within the planet’s limits. 

Our members, projects and activities stretch across the entire globe, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds. IVS projects and activities are a powerful tool to support local communities worldwide and allow the reallocation of resources and capacities, they support the social, cultural, economic and ecological transition that is needed to build a regenerative and reconciliatory world that promotes a circular-inclusive economic model based on global, social and climate justice.

The CCIVS Strategic Plan 2022-27

From the CCIVS Strategic Plan 2022-2027 the following issues were defined by the members as important for the CCIVS to work on in the next period.

Respecting the planet and ensuring well being for all

By focussing on core and immediate environmental issues such as environmental protection and biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, waste reduction, access to clean water, food sovereignty and peaceful cohabitation, we seek to reduce our carbon footprint and to raise awareness about the limits of the planet ensuring well being for all.

The Living Earth Campaign is a platform where CCIVS can ensure that the grassroots work of the members is shared and promoted. Through the campaign we seek to raise awareness, advocate, educate and implement practical work on a grassroots level. We are committed to ensuring that there is a space for debate, and for critical thinking that all sides of an argument can be discussed without fear of judgment or classification.

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