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Youth Advocacy for Climate Justice

1. SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE: International Advocacy Training on Peace and the Environment
(31 March – 4 May 2022, Peja, Kosovo)

Support your project Planning and Grant application

CCIVS can support the application process for projects proposed by IVS organisations or young volunteers wishing to submit a grant application to the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe in order to initiate their local projects on peace and the environment.

According to the needs of each project, the experts will share their expertise and experiences in project cycle planning, partnership building, budget management, monitoring and evaluation, grant writing techniques etc. The mentorship and follow-up will be done by email exchange and online meetings arranged between the experts and young activists.

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2. ACT & MULTIPLY: Local Actions and Advocacy for Climate Justice
(May – November 2022)

The LIVE Campaign engages volunteers with local communities to work on grassroots projects that combine manual work and awareness-raising actions.

The Local Actions and Advocacy for Climate Justice aims to support and engage young volunteers in carrying out local actions for positive change and advocating for a sustainable future and a just and fair society through their participation in political processes.

What do we mean by advocacy?

Any local action focusing on Climate Justice aims to engage people for positive change stretching across the entire globe, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds.

CCIVS will promote these actions and provide visibility

Register Your Projects,
Mobilise Your Volunteers,
Organise Local Advocacy Actions


Online Advocacy on Climate Justice
(February – December 2022)

Online Advocacy on Climate Justice intends to showcase the process and achievements of the advocacy work young activists are doing on a global level.

Concretely, it has the following three objectives:
1. to bring together the advocacy work of local youth councils on climate issues and promote them on a global level;
2. to provide a platform that strengthens the synergy among local youth councils and encourages dialogue between young people and policy influencers and makers;
3. to consolidate the advocacy expertise, experience and results gained throughout the WorkPlan and highlight the CoE youth policy and youth participation strategies, which will be showcased through online events and reflected in the development of a MOOC.


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