Peace Week Barcelona – Media For Human Rights – 6th Day

If you want to make a change you have to make sure that people can hear your voice! During the morning workshop we were discussing the importance of good and efficient communication. As we were taking part in the press conference few days ago, we were analyzing how the event was presented in the media. The whole workshop made us realize the meaning of the Raising Peace campaign in the context of communication.


We spend the afternoon at SCI Catalunya headquarters where we had a mid-term evaluation. We were talking our morning activities and collecting all the ideas on how to improve our external and internal communication. We were also discussing our future plans related to activism and Human Rights.


There is place in Barcelona where there used to be a squatted house. Although the building has been destroyed, the idea of occupying seems to be deeply connected with that place. Instead of a squatted house we have an occupied garden. Everyone can enter it, take care of the plants and eat the fruit and vegetables. In such a beautiful location we organised one night open air cinema session. First we watched Food, Inc. a film by Robert Kenner that shows the said true about food industry focusing on the situation of animals and health standards that aren’t respected in many food producing companies. At the end of the evening we watched a short extract from the film co-created by one of our participants, Alexandra, who is also a filmmaker. It presents the situation of Tibetans who had to flee from their country and now live in Brussells. The video focuses especislly on the Tibetian community in the capiall city of Belgium.



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