Gender matters: a manual on addressing gender-based violence affecting young people

Council of Europe - Youth Department
Type of tool: Manual
Topic: Gender
Target Group: IVS organisation staff, Trainers, Camp coordinators, IVS organisation board
Use: Implementation of IVS projects, Planning IVS projects, Introducing an inclusive perspective
Year of Publication: N.A.

GENDER MATTERS is a very powerful and useful tool to use when approaching the thematic of gender and gender based violence in youth work, having a feminist and gender-equal point of view. It gives a lot of food for thought on the issue, plus it gives a general overview about all the topics correlated to the theme, which are well tackled in this handbook. It’s very interesting the fact that it uses a lot of case studies as examples, giving the reader the opportunity to search for more about it. Even though it talks also about different gender identities, it still stays a little bit too much on the binary dichotomy of male and female. Regardless of this weakness, the activities and good practices proposed can be readapted in many ways. This handbook is the best tool to use if it’s the first time you are handling this topic, giving many references and useful annexes.

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