Gram Jackson

Gram Jackson is the founder and director of ARCOSUD, an NPO working with rural communities to promote holistic health and sustainable livelihoods in poorly resourced communities. Having studied natural resources management, permaculture, phytotherapy and community development, he loves working, training and providing mentorship to citizens that are prepared to embark on a journey of sustainable living. In all that he does, he bases every activity on permaculture- the art of designing an ecologically sound way of living in our households, gardens, communities, schools and businesses. He uses permaculture to design and develop sustainable food security systems, promote healing on the sick, traumatised and those recovering from addictive behaviors. As a way of promoting harmonious interaction with the natural ecosystems, he has developed a huge passion for the No-Dig Permaculture farming concept where he develops food gardens without digging and disturbing the soil structure thereby protecting habitats and soil organisms that work and maintain soil fertility.

Before devoting his work full-time to ARCOSUD’s demands, he served as a permaculture trainer and farms manager responsible for converting certain commercial farms into organic certified food production entities and training communities on various conservation projects such as solid waste management, health and hygiene education and martial arts as a wellness initiative. He also works with schools on a permaculture education program aimed at promoting science education using permaculture as a living classroom for experiential learning.

Besides being the leader of a growing charity organization, he also grows organic medicinal plants and certain vegetables that he uses to manufacture various holistic health products under his private company known as Grincure Holistic Health Products where he supplies organic health products.

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