Sustainable Food Production Workshop

Dates: 16 – 25 November 2018

Place: Kundapur, India

The workshop will use experiential learning methods , NFE participatory methods will be used for theoretical sessions and participatory planning and design processes. Each participant will be share their local knowledge and what they have been implementing in their communities. The format will focus both on knowledge and practice – they will learn through interactive and hands on activities defined according to the specific needs of the local hosting organisation and will include methods which are applicable for all countries concerned. The mix of process and product oriented experts (thematic / non-formal education) will ensure the different learning processes from more formal presentation to more interactive sessions.

Milestones :
• 30 people trained in Sustainable food production
• 50 members of the community engaged India
• Meeting with 100 external stakeholders (institutions, businesses, NGOs, Universities)


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